Flat Roofing

Flat roofing may be one of the oldest roofing styles in the world, but it gives a distinctively modern touch to residential homes today. While flat roofs of the past were made from straws and branches, advances in structural design have made them a durable, functional option for modern homes in Arizona.

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Why Flat Roofing?

One of the main selling points of flat roofs is that they provide additional space. Whether you want to install solar panels on your home or create more outdoor living space, a flat roof gives you the option to do so. Flat roofs can also create more interior space. Without the sloped walls created by a pitched roof, you can turn your attic into a much more livable area.

Another benefit of flat roofing is that it is relatively easy and inexpensive to install compared to pitched roofing. Flat roof maintenance is relatively simple as well, since it is easier and safer to climb upon and inspect.

Finally, flat roofs are less susceptible to wind and weather damage during Arizona’s monsoon season, since there are no shingles for the wind to tear off.

If you are interested in installing a flat roof on your home in Arizona, our experienced contractors at Hahn Roofing can help.

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Flat Roof Installation

Contrary to its name, flat roofing is not actually flat. It is installed at a slight pitch of ¼- to ½-inch per foot to allow water drainage. However, flat roofs can still hold more water than steeply pitched roofs, which means they require a monolithic, water-tight material to prevent leaks.

There are three main types of flat roofing material that your contractor can install. These are membrane or single-ply, built-up roofing (BUR), and modified bitumen roofing (MBR). We only install single ply membrane roofing and peel and stick roofing.


The most common type of membrane roofing used for residential buildings is EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer, a synthetic rubber material. An EPDM membrane roof consists of an insulation board with layers of EPDM sheets on top. The membrane is held in place by a ballast or glued to the insulation layer.

We use a single ply membrane.

  • Long Lasting – nearly three times that of traditional asphalt roofing systems
  • Recyclable – recycled after 30 years of useful life, avoiding the landfill altogether
  • Highly Reflective – reducing energy consumption and utility costs
  • Safe – formulated with enhanced fire retardant propertiesFlat roofing is a great option for hot climates like Arizona, providing more outdoor living space while giving your home a modern appearance for an affordable price.

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The experienced contractors at Hahn Roofing can install a durable and functional flat roof on your home in Northern Arizona.