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Last Updated on August 6, 2019 by Hahn Roofing

At Hahn Roofing, it is our pride and privilege to work with some of the best roofing manufacturers in the industry.  We do this because it is our highest priority to provide our clients with the best roofing material available.  IB Roof Systems produces a variety of roof materials specifically designed for flat and low-slope roofs.  IB Roof Systems has been in the industry for over 50 years and continues to innovate and manufacture exceptional flat roof materials, including their PVC Membrane.

IB Roof SystemsPVC Roofing membrane is great for residential and commercial applications and has the durability to provide an enormous amount of benefits once installed.  IB Roof Systems manufactures a premium line of high performance, durable PVC commercial roofing membranes.  PVC Roofing membranes are specifically engineered to provide superior durability and ease of installation.  Additionally, IB Roofing Systems produces rolls of membranes of various sizes to provide better installation quality.  PVC membranes are thick and long-lasting.  They are resistant to weather conditions and tearing for better protection of your home or business.  Additionally, they are coated to maintain reflectivity and appearance and the superior UV stabilization formula resists harsh elements.  And, because every residential or commercial application needs to be well-protected from fire, IB Roof Solutions’ PVC membranes are Class-A rated fire resistant! IB Roof Systems’ membranes are particularly durable because the installation is far superior to other roofing systems.  They use a heat-welded seam that forms a permanent, watertight bond rather than other roofing systems that use adhesives, tape, and caulk to seal the seams.

In today’s modern world, energy-efficiency and being more ‘green’ is important to every homeowner or business owner.  Did you know that a white IB Roof Systems membrane can reduce your energy consumption and thus lower your electric bills each month!  The white PVC membrane reflects up to 90% of the heat that would normally transfer into the home or building via the roof so your home or business is much more comfortable and your savings will offset the cost of installing a PVC membrane on your roof.  IB Roof Systems provides a lifetime of protection by supplying the client with a 30-year Total Systems Warranty.  When you need the best protection for your flat roof, choose a high-quality PVC membrane from IB Roof Systems.