How Do Silicone Tropical Roof Systems Work?

Tropical Roofing Products is one of the many great roofing material manufacturers were are privileged to work with at Hahn Roofing.  Tropical Roofing Products are high-quality and great for use in both residential and commercial applications.  Their line of silicone Tropical Roof systems is durable, easy to install, do not require primer, only require a one-coat application, and provide excellent protection to homes and buildings.

Flat Roofing 3Silicone Tropical Roof systems are designed and engineered to be durable and provide seamless repair and roof restoration coating.  Silicone roof coatings have excellent adhesion properties and also generous elongation performance against thermal-cycling.  Further, silicone roof castings are water resistant which provides outstanding protection against mildew and algae.  Silicone is such a durable material that it can withstand aging, oxidation and wind-driven sand, rain, and snow.  The silicone will not degrade, chalk or crack under harsh UV rays and it forms a seamless, breathable membrane that possesses extraordinary water resistance. When you want to make a building or home more energy efficient you want to choose an Energy Star and CRRC-rated product and that is what Silicone Tropical Roof systems have to offer.  Silicone roof coating is ideal for use in all climates and is specifically formulated to be able to withstand harsh conditions.  Additionally, once installed it can reduce roof temperatures and improve a structure’s energy efficiency.

Every type of roof has a particular lifespan but, as any homeowner or building owner knows, the ‘expected lifespan’ of a roof is often much longer than it actually lasts.  By installing Tropical silicone roof coatings, you dramatically extend the lifespan of the roof.  Additionally, installing Tropical Roofing Products Silicone system is far less expensive than the cost of a roof removal and replacement which makes it a great investment.  Tropical Roofing Products Silicone Roof Coatings are available in white, light gray, dark gray, tan, and terracotta to seamlessly blend with any home or building’s aesthetic style.  And, when a Tropical Roofing Products silicone roof system is installed by a qualified and Tropical Roofing Products Approved-Applicator, the system can be warrantied.  When considering the best option for seamless repair and roof restoration, look no further than Silicone Tropical Roof systems for your structure.